​Our Machine, Rebuilding, and Milling Services
We have been rebuilding nearly every type of engine at Vilas Motor Works for over 30 years.  When it comes to vintage performance, antique, or marine engines we can help ensure it is done with all your needs and requirements in mind.

We also specialize in custom work.  It may begin with a simple idea, but we have the experience and technical expertise to move from idea, to prototype to working model.  We have been utilized by research institutes to build  experimental devices and helped NASA with parts for scientific equipment on the International Space State (ISS). 
​​We are a local engine rebuilder and machine shop in the Brazos Valley, but our customers are from around the nation and globe.  Rest assured we have the precision craftsmanship and experience to tackle most any project.
  1. TAMU-Custom Work
  2. Engine Rebuild
  3. Camshaft-Degree
Engine Rebuild Services​

Our engine rebuild services include modern performance engines, SCCA, marine engines, argicultural, industrial, small, and Pre- and Post-WWII antique engines….no engine is too old.  

We specialize is rare engines that other engine rebuilders may turn away. Our parts specialist can locate hard to find engine pieces that bring your project as close to or at orginal specifications.  
Lathe and Mill Services

We have been performing lathe and mill work for more than 30 years, creating custom designs, prototypes, short production run, crack repair, CNC and manual lathing, heliarc and light welding, drilling, taping, and threading.

Our lathe and mill work can be found all over the world, form the Brazos Valley to the International Space Station.  We have done custom work for local firms, customers around the nation and foreign countries.  From monkey cages to custom Volvo tools, no job is too exotic, or too small for us to complete.

We can provide small quantity production CNC lathe work as well as single lathe and mill products with an accuracy to .0005.  We can accept orders for single piece and larger quantities.  Our standard lead time is four weeks, though rush servicing accommodations can be made. 
Cylinder Head Services

Our cylinder head expert can perform any service on cast-iron and aluminum cylinder heads.  Whether they are domestic, import,  marine or rare antique cylinder heads we have the capabilities to rebuild and resurface them.
Engine Block Services

We perform cylinder boring and honing as well as align honing and boring.  Other services include: block surfacing, crack repair, crankshaft and camshaft polishing, piston work and repair as well as rod and kingpin honing.
Custom Services

We able to perform parts cleaning and preparation as well as abrasive cleaning.  Other services include: crack detection and repair, as well as boring custom rims to fit your vehicle.  We also specialize in one-of-kind designs.  It can begin as a concept and we will engineer it, develope the part and complete the manufacturing process.  There is not job too complex or strange.  We have provided machining services for numerous Texas A&M departments, MD Anderson, S&W Neonatal Care, Texas T-Parts and even NASA. 
Bench Services
We perform flywheel surfacing, brake drum and rotor turning, thread repair, manifold surfacing, and broken bolt and stud removal.  We can also perform presswork.

Our combined 100 years of experience allow us to tackle most any rebuild project, restoration project or machine work...big or small.

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