Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions when customers call us for automotive machining services.  If you do not see your question do not hesitates to call or contact us via email.
  1. 1
    How much does is cost to rebuild my engine?
    We cannot give estimates over the phone. We have to physically clean and inspect all internal workings and cylinder's before we can quote a price on a engine rebuild..
  2. 2
    Why Is that? Can you give me a ball park figure?
    No engine gets the same kind of work done. Each engine is different and requires a different type of work and parts.
  3. 0
    Do we install and remove engines in the car?
    NO. That's a job for your favorite mechanic.
  4. 3
    Do we work on cylinder heads?
    Yes we do! We do require a non-refundable deposit . The deposit varys between $40.00-$80.00 depending on the type of the cylinder heads.
  5. 4
    Do we Port & Polish heads?
    No. But we can gasket match on some heads.
  6. 5
    Do we do performance work?
    Yes and NO. We are mostly an antique engine restoration shop. So our performance work is very limited to select rebuilds.
  7. 6
    Do we surface Fly Wheels?
    Yes we do! We can typically have them out on the day you bring them in if you bring the fly wheel in before noon Monday through Friday.
  8. 7
    Do we resurface Rotors and Drums ?
    Yes! We can usually have those out the same day if you bring them in before noon Monday through Friday
  9. 8
    What did the crankshaft out front come out of?
    It is out of a ALCO 16v Coast Guard Cutter?